A WILDISH EVENING OF STORYTELLING in Nelson: Mountains of Gold, Kings of Earth

May 29, 2014 all-day
Booksmyth, , 338 Baker Street, Nelson, BC V1L 4H5, Canada

Join this evening of storytelling and healing in the old wild tradition of the tale told loud. Arrive early to meet some new and old friends and then settle in for an engaging experience of myth and community.

In many indigenous traditions, a story is a thing to be experienced, to be learned from (the word means storehouse), and to be talked about. It is this talking about that has been called “feeding the story,” and it is the beginning of finding the lessons the story has for you today—sometimes a blessing, and at others a reminder of how to live wildly.

This is an evening for good people like you who are longing to bridge spirituality with the practical, wishing to build community sustainability, aspiring to a deep communication with emotion, intuition, and body. It is a gathering for those needing to take creative action who want a closer relationship with nature, for those who are working with the desire to bring their gift into the world.

Background info at http://mythicnature.com/

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