Country Two Step Workshop!

Instructors : Greg McKeone and Faith Kremler
Cost: $10.00

Format: 3 x 45 minute instructional sessions with 15 minutes of free dance for every hour.

Essentials: Absolute beginner to intermediate technique and pattern work. Emphasis on musicality and style. Come away with the ‘flavour’ of the dance. Learn easily led standard social patterns that can be used anywhere.

The BEST 2 step music – this will be a workshop and a dance!

Session 1: Musicality (hearing and moving to the beat); frame and hand connection; pivot turns and multiple pivot turns.
Session 2: Outside Turn, Sweetheart, Skater and Wrap.
Session 3: Review of elements in session 2 – adding Outside Turn to ROP, OH Hand-change Turn, Free Turn and Grapevine as time permits.

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