Creative Mentoring

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Creative Mentoring
October 3rd, 2011
9:00 am – 4:00pm
$100/ $80 early registration by Sept 15th.

Our youth are in sore need of adults who model wellness. The arts and in particular the expressive arts are one way to make that bridge. This is done through careful and sensitive mentoring utilizing low skill, high sensitivity ways of art-making that tells a story and brings creative potential to life.

This workshop is for members of the community from all backgrounds who are interested in how to help youth channel their energy into something positive and nurturing. Simple and effective writing, movement, drawing, music and theatre techniques will be taught as well as some simple and effective counseling skills that accompany the work.

Markus Alexander has conducted hundreds of workshops in this area of difficulty and challenge for the past 25 plus years most recently in Kingston, Jamaica where their at-risk youths, particularly young men ,  are in great need of timely, effective help.

Kutenai Art Therapy Institute
191 Baker Street
Nelson, BC V1L 4H1

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