David Vest

Legendary Blues Promotions, Kootenay Co-op Radio and the Royal are proud to present David Vest. He is the 3rd act as part our Legendary Blues Series and has been rockin’ and shoutin’ the Blues since 1957.

From the back of a flatbed truck in Alabama, to concert halls and festival stages around the world, the Original Boogie-Woogie Starchild has been lifting people up for half a century, bringing audiences to their feet with his… unique blend of blues, boogie, gospel, jazz and old-time country — the real stuff.

Sometimes he comes alone, like the legendary barrelhouse piano pounders from the turpentine camps in the piney woods, and rocks the house unaided.

More often he brings with him a lineup of seasoned veterans, ready to back him on many musical fronts. There’s a reason why the top players are eager to work with him: he brings out the best in them, time after time.

Prepare to tap your toes, dance your ass off, and listen to messages that move the soul and challenge your mind. This is intelligent music, viscerally delivered. CounterPunch called it “rock and roll for grownups — dangerous, fast, addictive.”

Tickets are $15 and are available at Royal Espresso, KCR, Urban Legends, Eddy Music and online at www.liveattheroyal.com. OR…see all 3 shows in our Legendary Blues Series for only $45 (This includes Carlos Del Junco on the 13th of March, Colin Linden on the 20th and David Vest.)  Show starts at 7:30pm. 


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