Ellison’s Cafe Unplugged Sessions 12-3

Starting at noon, Paul Prappas, local guitar teacher wishes to sing some of the songs he’s collected over the years by many of his favorite artists, including Tom Waits, Van Morrison, Bob Marley, Guy Clark & The Beatles.

Next up, The Hoodlums, composed of Pauline Lamb aka Molly Malone, Marvin Walker (Von Butcher and/or Bessie and the Backeddies, Hornography) kickin’ the ol’ travellin case and Glen Martin (Tuques and Von Butcher) on mando and the guitbox.

Closing act is Christopher Lamb, on tour from Toronto where he has a band called Opera Club but he’s now mostly doing new solo material. Raised in a musical family in the Kootenays, he is an alt-folk songwriter who uses guitar, lyrics, and harmonies to tell his stories.
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