Ellison’s Cafe Unplugged Sessions 12-3

12 Logan Carlstrom from Selkirk’s music program brings light rock originals & covers such as David Bowie, Cat Stevens & Bob Dylan on guitar & piano.

1 Sean Rodman & Brynne Herbison. Brynne is a hidden gem of a violinist and Sean wrote the recent popular “Jumbo Wild” song. Hiding up in Argenta, this guitar violin duo’s been cooking up a mixed performance of soulful mountain folk and fiddle tunes.

2 Earl Hamilton & Rob Fahie perform folk & bluegrass. Earl plays guitar, banjo and is known to make up lyrics on the spot, sing about ecological issues & put a smile on your face. Rob is an amazing bass player/singer who’s been performing with Clint Swanson, Paul Landsberg, Von Butcher & many others in his short time here.

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