Full Metal Basket at Oxygen (Wednesdays through Saturdays only)

On Friday, June 3, born-and-raised Nakusp artist Kate Tupper opens her latest exhibition, Full Metal Basket, at Oxygen Art Centre.

Kate is a female tradesperson – a welder and fabricator – and mother who tells her story in the weaving of her metal baskets.


She reflects, “I have built a wall to keep my feminine emotions in check. As well as applying this to my professional life, I have had to apply it to my personal, as a mother.

I have chosen to focus on the form of a vessel because my body is a vessel that carries my emotions tightly woven, sometimes fraying, often threatening to overflow.”


“It’s actually very hard for me to build sculpture.” She adds. “I go to my studio from 5:30 to 7:30 in the morning, then go back into the house to get my two boys ready for school (my husband is a logger and leaves early) and then I go to work in Nakusp all day. When I go home I make dinner and give some love to my family.”


“It’s not an option for me not to do sculpture,” Tupper emphasizes. “I would be disappointed if I didn’t. When I feel stressed I weave metal for a while and I feel so much better. I could fabricate anything I want with metal, but I choose to weave with it.”


She expands, “One of my young sons suffers from mental illness. It’s very isolating and people often feel alone, especially rurally, so I try to physically take a lot of feelings and show them in my sculptures so people can identify with them and not feel so alone.”


To learn more about Kate’s work, go to sparktart.com. There will be an artist talk at 7:30pm, Friday, June 17. Gallery hours are 1-5pm Wednesday through Saturday. Full Metal Basket closes on June 25.


For more information on upcoming programming, including the 3rd Annual Kids Summer Art Camp in July, check out oxygenartcentre.org.


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