IMTV LIVE! Drive If You Must, Chad Hansen, and Mia Sandner. Thursday April 28 at Spiritbar

What is IMTV you ask? It is Nelson’s own late night talk show, following a format something akin to what the big guns on television have been holding down since the Ed Sullivan Show. IMTV is a live broadcast, yes, but it’s on the internet. The show is shot live from Spiritbar and broadcast to the world, and promotes the talent of Nelson and the Kootenay region. The studio audience is packed full of locals, who take part in the experience and add flavor to the fun. Guests are interviewed, by host, Jenna Raider, and then they perform; everything from musicians to comedians, from artists to actors, and original acts that never cease to entertain. Each show is jam packed with wild antics and incredible talents.

Have you seen Nelson’s own live late night talk show, IMTV yet? If not, it’s time! Rounding up the end of the second season, IMTV, boasts a local line-up of talent that is definitely bang for your buck. Musical guests, Drive If You Must, are playing, the Kootenay Quick Shot’s very own, Chad Hansen will be appearing, and up-and-coming artist Mia Sandner will impress all. This episode also features the marvellous Marco Sordini, the hilarity of Skidney and Sleazel, a music video by Drunk Uncle, and an update with everyone’s favorite guy Tweeker Boy, plus some short films, and lots of comedy. C.J. Mini-Van will be holding down the in-house sounds, and playing an after-party set following the show. There’s nothing quite like seeing it live, so locals are urged to come be a part of the studio audience, and the live shoot. The option of watching online is what makes IMTV so unique, so if you just can’t make it, check it out at the same time at Tickets available at the door at 10pm for $10. This is a show not to miss!

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