….just nobody is saying it. The marijuana industry, a staple of our economy since the Sixties, has gone in the toilet, and this small berg is suffering. The disposable income it once provided has dried up, and one can see the effects all over town. Empty restaurants during lunch hour, scarcely filled bars at night; the party is over in The Queen City.

Rather than wallow in misery, it’s up to us, the residents, to dig our way out. We must invest in other things, and hopefully local government will start assisting with that process. We’ve been called “one of the best small arts cities in Canada”, but little support comes from Town Council for any ideas to flourish involving the arts. It took us TWELVE YEARS to get a skatepark. We have restrictive, Draconian bylaws that discourages both tourism and local business.

While the “old guard” in this town sits comfortably in their expansive homes, which no one under 40 could ever afford, and whispers in the ears of the ruling elite, this town shrivels.

It’s time to get busy. It’s time to get proactive. It’s time to get the younger majority in this town a voice. Who will represent us on November 15th? Somebody should…..

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