Kootenay Author Nykanen Publishes Two Books at Once

Mark Nykanen will be signing both of his new novels at Otter Books on October 18 from 1 to 3 pm. (Photo: Julien Locke)

The critics are saying that Mark Nykanen’s fiction grapples with some of the most sinister aspects of human nature. So to explain his offering of two new novels at once, Mark says, ”I thought I’d take the Oso Negro approach and offer fans dark — or darker!”

Otter Books will host Mark Nykanen for a double book signing on Saturday, June 18.

He’s bringing out two very different books this summer, from two publishers, in two different genres (both new to him), and under two names (he uses a pen name, James Jaros, for Burn Down the Sky).

Here’s some information on both books  from Mark’s website:

Mark Nykanen is a four-time Emmy and Edgar-winning journalist, and acclaimed author of extraordinarily tense literary thrillers that feature protagonists who find themselves pushed to the absolute extremes of behavior and imagination.

My latest thriller, Burn Down the Sky, is a post apocalyptic climate collapse tale published by HarperCollins Voyageur. It is set in a near-future world devastated by environmental catastrophe and a runaway virus that has killed most of the world’s population. It’s the first book in a series that I’ve set in North America in the latter part of this century.

My mystery/thriller Striking Back is published by Bell Bridge Books. The men in L.A. counselor Gwyn Sanders’ spousal abuse group have been targeted by a killer who’s murdering them one by one, using means horrifically similar to the manner in which the men brutalized their wives and girlfriends. The chief suspect? Sanders herself. That’s because years ago her own stepfather was the victim of a bizarre and unsolved murder. With shocks and surprises at every turn, Striking Back pierces Hollywood’s darkest heart (the author says modestly).

Read more about the author and both books, including some rave responses from critics, here.

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