Langham Calls to Artists and Performers for Water and Sustainability Exhibits

Photo courtesy of The Langham Cultural Centre

The Langham Cultural Centre in Kaslo has put out a call to artists, performers, poets, and other creative minds to contribute to two thematic exhibitions:

Water: April 22 – June 5
Sustainability: June 10 – July 17

Participants must register (no fee) with the gallery curator before March 18 to There are more details at the end of this post, but first, here are some highlights of my interview this week with Langham curator Kiara Lynch.

Q: Why are you doing a project about water?

A: The idea for the water exhibit was triggered by the Glacier-Howser independent power project proposal, which would have seen a Montreal based corporation basically becoming owners of Glacier and Hower Creeks just north of Kaslo. I, like many people around here, have been very active in the political response to this proposal.

But I felt that art should have a place to respond to issues like this, so they are not limited to discussions in political and environmental circles.

Langham Curator Kiara Lynch (Photo courtesy of Kiara Lynch)

And water is a huge issue in this area, especially in the currant climate of water wars and climate change which we increasingly see affecting our planet. People in this area are really beginning to understand they can no longer take water for granted. Water is something many people feel really passionate about and not just for environmental reasons.

From the response so far to the call for submissions on this issues it is clear that many artists are already very much speaking to the issue in their work – it seems that most people have already completed works about water, even before this call went out.

Q: What artistic media will be included?

A: All artistic media are welcome. So far it looks like the show will be comprised mostly of paintings, although we also have a couple of dance performance artists and a poet signed up for the water show.

Q: In the water exhibit, what do you imagine/hope the end result will be like: what will we see, hear, experience when we enter the exhibit?

A: The ultimate success for these shows for me would be to have some people exhibit works who have never exhibited before, or people perform some spoken word or performance who have not done so before. I really want people to see the Langham Cultural Centre for what it is …. Kaslo’s cultural heart.

I want all citizens of the area—artist and non-artist—to recognize that this is their space to express themselves in whatever form or manner they choose. This show is definitely not about achieving a high art aesthetic.

It is the creative community response to an issue. I think it would be great to see some performance works which take the audience outside of the gallery—perhaps down to the water, or into a garden?

Everyone is welcome! Come add your voice to the creative collective response! The more varied the response the more dynamic the show will be.

Q: How can artists in particular have an effect on sustainability or on water?

A: I really believe that art has the power to change the world because it awakens the mind to new possibilities. It shows the world to itself in different lights. It also has the power to bring people together, which is the ultimate goal for these shows—to provide a platform for the creative dialogue to begin.

These are major issues we’re going to be dealing with increasingly and the conversation is going to continue for a long time. This is just a starting point. Art provides a way to force the conversation to happen, maybe not offer solutions but definitely be a catalyst for change.

Exhibition Guidelines:

  • Participants must register prior to March 18th, 2011 with the gallery curator: / no computer access, call: 250-353-2832
  • Participants are encouraged to submit works for each of the two exhibitions.
  • Both new and previously exhibited/ performed works will be accepted.
  • Up to two pieces per participant will be accepted for each exhibition.
  • Every medium / form of expression will be considered.
  • Performance pieces, spoken word etc. will be held in conjunction with the opening reception for each of the two exhibitions in the Langham Theatre @7pm.
  • Artwork must be tagged with name, contact information and price (if for sale).
  • Submissions must be dropped off and picked up at the Langham gallery:

WATER: Tuesday, April 19th, between 10am-1pm (drop-off) /
Tuesday, June 7th, between 10am-1pm (pick-up)

SUSTAINABILITY: Tuesday, June 7th, between 10am-1pm (drop-off) /
Monday, July 18th, between 10am-1pm (pick-up)

*The curator reserves the right to jury the show should there be too many submissions.

The Langham would like to extend our gratitude to the Community Fund of North Kootenay Lake, the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance and the Regional District of Central Kootenay – Area D, for their generous support of this initiative!

The Langham Cultural Centre (Photo courtesy of The Langham Cultural Centre)

Photo sources–water droplets: Joost J Bakker, flickr, creative commons; water surface: Photoctor, flickr, creative commons

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