Michael Graham Returns With Scaramouche Jones

The memorable 100-year-old clown returns to  a Nelson stage.

This is a re-post of Chris Shepherd’s article about Scaramouche Jones in the Nelson Post. Click here to watch a video of a short scene from the play.
  • What: Theatre – Scaramouche Jones
  • When: Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, 8 p.m., starting on Thursday, Feb. 3
  • Where: Grid Art Gallery351-B Baker Street (alley entrance) Nelson, in the alley behind Hipperson’s Hardware
  • Tickets: $15 in advance, $18 at the door
  • At the gallery or by phone: 1-888-446-9390

Photo by Chris Shepherd.

Set in an intimate stage that puts the audience right in a circus clown’s dressing room, the story of Scaramouche Jones offers the audience a unique opportunity to experience this one-man play featuring Nelson’s Michael Graham.

The play is set on the eve of the millenium, 1999. Jones has been a clown for the last 50 years and walks out of the big top and into his dressing room.

“It is enough. Time to die,” he tells the audience.

With that announcement, Jones reflects on the 100 years of his life that started out rough, being orphaned, exiled and made a slave one day at the age of six and moved through tragedy and ecstasy as he lived through the next 100 years.

Graham loves the story of Scaramouche Jones and revels in the dialogue written by Justin Butcher that stacks adjective on top of adjective.

“Every time he [Butcher] adds an adjective you get a clearer image of what he’s describing,” says Graham.

The play is is the first theatrical collaboration between Graham and Shayne Brandel, whom he shares gallery space with and who designed the set. Graham says there’s a similarity between Butcher’s dialogue and Brandel’s own painting, which works with layers upon layers of paint and creates new meaning in the process.

That was Chris Shepherd’s piece from the Nelson Post.

This just in (February 4) from Shayne Brandel at the Grid Gallery, which is the venue for Scaramouche Jones:

Hello everyone!

As some of you know, for the month of February Grid Gallery is showcasing a production of Justin Butchers ‘Scaramouche Jones’.
Last night was opening night and we are starting to receive some feedback from our patrons:

“We are old seasoned theatre goers ( Edinburgh Festival year after year) and  yet on the way home my husband said  ” I was completely entranced.  That was every bit as good as anything I have seen.” I agree entirely.  it was a magical evening guys………thank you both”.

To go with this theatrical production we have hung a show in the gallery that we think compliments Scaramouche Jones. This includes works by Jordan Bent, Shayne Brandel, Andrew Leus, and Jay Hanscom. As well as a collaborative piece by Shayne Brandel and his father Merv Brandel. Please drop in the gallery during regular business hours to see the artwork, or come early before the plays showtimes and catch both.

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