SunshineDrive@The Kaslo Hotel

Appearing February 25 and 26 as part of the Anniversary weekend at The Kaslo Hotel.

SunshineDrive delivers a hard-driving menu of Blues,R&B, Funk, Reggae and Ska, Rock Classics including original tunes. Frontman Grant Sutherland has entertained Kootenay audiences for years with his high energy vocal and guitar stylings. Bassman Phil Wilson-Birks, a veteran of numerous bands in western Canada, lays down a solid foundation that will get you moving on the dance floor. Steve Garth, veteran of performances in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia, adds tasty guitar and slide to the mix. Daryl Doyle fills out the band’s sound with soulful Hammond riffs and keyboard textures. Bonnie Johnson sizzles with a knockout drumbeat to rock the house. Sunshine Drive delivers an experience of music and fun that’s guaranteed to please.

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