the Higgs Particle: an exploration into the origins of matter with Morgan Dehnel

When: June 5, 2013 @ 7:30 pm
Where: Expressions, 554 Ward Street, Nelson,BC V1L 1S9, Canada

Join us for an hour presentation
that starts circa 1895 and works its
way through the discoveries of the
past century in order to provide a
basis for understanding the higgs
particle. discussion will follow
afterwards. morgan is an accelerator
physicist. his company d-pace, is
located in Nelson and builds nuclear

Morgan, in many ways is the
geekiest of geeks and yet he has a
down-to-earth understandable way of
presenting the most complex of topics
in aneasy to digest form. For many
years, he shared the dr. science title
at the express with his sister-in-law
Christine humphries. it will be a fun
for discussion.

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