Unknown Culprits

The dirty, blues-infused rock ‘n’ roll of the Unknown Culprits comes to the Royal!

With their sweat-drenched energy and captivating stage presence, paired with their instantly catchy and creative tunes, The Unknown Culprits are constantly winning over new and diverse audiences. For a 3-man group, the sonic force they generate is gigantic, yet still allows their strong song-writing to shine through.

Drawing on each member’s eclectic musical tastes and influences, they have crafted their own signature style – Brilliantly blending the song structure and musical skill of Classic Rock Legends with the Energy of 90′s Grunge and Punk, and finishing it off with flavours of Blues, Jazz, Funk and Ska. Their honest, auto-biographical, and cleverly comical Lyrics about life in the young working-class resonate well with a wide variety of listeners.

From humble beginnings in small mountain towns of BC, The Unknown Culprits are quickly paving their way through the Indie Music Scene all across Canada. Frontman Gary Morissette’s 2008 success on Canadian Idol (Top 16) inspired the band to relocate to Toronto’s booming music industry. Now playing 200+ shows/year and with 3 successful Cross-Canada tours under their belts, The Unknown Culprits are quickly building a loyal army of followers. 

Their live shows are explosive with a vibrant on-stage energy and rich musical chemistry.  Check them out for just $5 at the door! 

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