Vortex Ensemble and Wholesome Jones

Two of nelsons finest musicians, Kris Ledrue and Scot Milne are having a birthday party blowout at the Royal. They are bringing with them two of their latest projects. The first, Wholesome Jones, is a 5 piece groove rocking folkgrass unit that features Glen martin (The Tuques) on vocals and guitar along with Andy Parks (p.a.n.d.a) on lead/rhythm guitar, local favorite Brian Kalbfleisch on keys and Scot Milne on bass. The Vortex Ensemble are a glitchy fusion of live mashups blurring the line between dj and band. The ensemble brings together members of Wassabi Collective, p.a.n.d.a and Wholesome Jones. These two acts will be creating a mystical journey one would be wise not to miss.
Showtime 9pm. $5 at the door.

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