Wenlido: Personal Safety Workshop for Self-Identified Women & Girls!

January 25, 2014 @ 10:00 am
Nelson & District Women's Center, 420 Mill Street, Nelson, BC V1L 1N8, Canada

A two day intensive, Personal Safety Workshop for self-identified Women and Girls!

Saturday, January 25th from 10a to 6:30p & Sunday, January 26th from 8:30a to 3p

Taught by Gitta Ridder, 30 years of experience teaching women and girls on how to respond to danger, aggression and violence in their lives.

“everyone wants to believe nothing will ever happen to them, yet knowing how to handle the unwanted is extremely empowering on many levels.”

An aggressor needs a ‘VICTIM’ to complete the cycle of violence. Come learn tools to empower yourself and recognize victim stance and thinking, and clear actions to take to keep yourself alive, should you EVER find your life threatened. Rather than paralyze in FEAR, LEARN TO USE THE STRENGTH FEAR GENERATES.

Do YOU know how to keep yourself safe? Imagine enjoying life and carrying yourself with a sense that no matter what unfortunate surprises you may ever be faced with, you know exactly what to do. Wenlido – teaches you to; stay present mentally, de-escalate the aggression verbally (if at all possible), find your way out to safety, fight effectively for your life if all else fails.

The 14 hour workshop will be held at the Nelson Women’s Center in an atmosphere of learning, surprise, fun and empowerment.

Fee: $90 (to $70 slide, some work trades welcome, if this causes financial stress) pre-registration required. Call 250-354-4800 or email achristie52@gmail.com for more information, space is limited.

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