Jay Hannley and I can hardly believe it; it’s been a year since we started the CRANK IT!!!(TO 6) Concert Series, and what a lot of great shows we’ve had since our humble beginnings!!!

We began under the premise of just doing one punk or metal show a month, the genres we love the most. Unfortunately, the closing of The Royal On Baker changed everything; suddenly bands and performers were (and do) contact us every day for shows, and not just punk and metal, but hip hop, folk, blues, indie rock and more. We were faced with a stark truth – our once-amazing music scene was in danger of tapering off, our town’s reputation as “a great place to play” was at stake. Thus, we widened our scope, and got busy.

It’s been a lot – A LOT! – of work for the two of us, but we’re proud of the shows we’ve brought to Nelson, and people let us know all the time how much they appreciate what we do. The live music scene here  is not in the best shape right now, and The Royal is still closed, and the Shambhala venue is not yet open. Yet, there is a pulse; the two of us, as well as Ryan Martin at Spiritbar, Paul Hinrichs at On The Road Management and Productions, Nelson Becker at Expressions Performance Lounge, and a few select others, are “keeping the flame burning”.

The next 12 months are going to be huge for us, as we look to bigger venues, co-productions, and more great bands. We hope that whatever your taste in music, you get off the couch and go and support live musicians here in our little town! Thanks everybody! – NFN

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