WINDBORN Live @John Wards Coffee

April 18, 2014 @ 7:00 pm
John Wards Coffee, 503 Baker Street, Nelson, BC V1L 4H9, Canada

Jeff has toured as a one-man band for many years under the name of WINDBORN. The size of the sound coming from just one musician is unlike anything you’ve ever heard or seen before. Whether it’s a mellow house concert or a pub, the energy and strength of the music is undeniable. Jeff’s guitar playing lays the foundation of every song and is truly unique. He plays rhythm and lead lines at the same time, creating some of the biggest and most percussive riffs you’ll ever hear on the guitar. On top of all that, Jeff lays complex beats with foot drumming and loop sampling, and cuts through everything with powerful vocals. Visit for info and tour schedule.

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